Create a Seamless Experience & Improve Productivity with Business Process Automation

Thursday January 3, 2019
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How much time is spent at your office each week doing manual tasks such as keying in incoming leads from your website into another program? For many offices, it’s several hours. Time that could be spent more productively.

Create a Seamless Experience & Improve Productivity with Business Process Automation

Rekeying data also leads to errors such as typos or missed information. And entering lead information is just one example of a non-automated process that could be greatly improved with some business automation.

At Ion Technologies, we help small businesses reach their full potential every day by improving and automating processes that are holding them back. Through business automation, software integration, and tools like business metrics dashboards, we’re able to reduce inefficiencies and improve the speed and accuracy of how their information flows.

So, what is business automation exactly and how can it improve your company’s internal workflow and customer support? We’ll go through a few examples below and give you some interesting statics about business automation and productivity.

What Is Business Process Automation?

The easiest way to explain business process automation is to give you an example.

Say you have a lead that comes in from your website, and you need to do three things with it:

  • Enter it into your customer-relationship management (CRM) program for tracking
  • Add it to a Google Docs spreadsheet that tracks all leads from different sources
  • Notify the appropriate sales person to follow up
If handled manually, those three things could take someone about 10 to 20 minutes for every single lead. Human error could mean someone’s name or email is misspelled or a lead might fall through the cracks and not get entered where it needs to be.

With business automation, software integrations could be added between your lead capturing system (such as a website contact form) and your CRM program and Google Docs sheet that automatically populates the information from your lead source into both places. For the third task, an automated email or text message could be programmed in to send to your sales person automatically with he details of the lead.

With a single task automation, you’ve just saved that 10-20 minutes per lead and improved the accuracy of your system overall.

Repetitive tasks take up 10%-20% of an employee’s time each day. (Software Testing Tools)

By automating tasks, you free up employees to focus on proactive and engaging tasks that build your business rather than do mundane repetitive data entry.

Business Automation Statistics

How much is automating tasks helping businesses around the world? Here are a few statistics that tell the story.

  • 50% of companies spend from $5 to $25 per invoice doing manual processing
  • Process automation typically results in costs savings of 40%-75% for businesses (Forbes)
  • Somewhere between 25%-100% of business processes can be automated (SmartSheet)

How Does Business Process Automation Benefit Your Company?

Our expert team at Ion Technologies is driven by helping businesses thrive. We work through web application development, custom applications, and automation to help them lower costs while also improving their daily workflow.

Business automation offers a number of advantages to optimize an office to its fullest potential.

Reduce Hours Wasted on Repetitive Tasks

If one employee that’s re-entering information from one application into another spends 15% of their day on that task that could be done automatically by software integration, automating the process could provide significant savings.

For example, if your employee is making $15 per hour, working 8 hours per day, that’s $18 per day or about $360 per month in time wasted on non-automated tasks.

Improve Customer Service

When you have software integrations in place that automate, it means you can ensure all your customer data and communication trail is in one place. So, if a customer calls and wants to reorder that thing they ordered last year but can’t remember the name, it could be brought up instantly with a few keystrokes and the re-order automatically sent to your accounting software for invoicing in minutes.

Having all your customer data in once place without anything missing improves the service you provide and increases customer trust in your business.

Reduce Mistakes

Mistakes can be very costly and time consuming for any business. Often back tracking to find the reason something was missed or entered incorrectly takes a lot more time than doing it right the first time.

When you have a fluid connection between all your digital information channels, it means entering that information once, then having it populate where you need it. Much easier and significantly less chance for costly errors.

Create Sales Opportunities

Amazon and how it anticipates customer needs is one of the best examples of using business automation to create sales opportunities. Their automation knows what you’re browsing for, what you’ve purchased, and what you might need next.

You don’t have to be as big as Amazon to use this same automation to create sales for your company. Ion Technologies provides affordable sales-oriented automations for companies, such as automated, condition-based emails that provide offers or product/service information to clients. All automated and based upon their digital footprint and past interactions.

Interested in Optimizing Your Office with Business Automation?

Our Team at Ion Technologies can show you exactly how much smoother and hassle-free your workflow can be with business process automation.

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