Libby Cammell

Libby Cammell - Alumni Intern

Over the summer Libby joined the co-operative and worked on multiple projects for Ion and Ion’s customers. She

  • Developed an installable Java application using Git, Eclipse, Maven, Jetty, Jersey, Docker, and Postman that provided a web service to processed uploaded files using 3rd party libraries.
  • Enhanced an existing web service to add new capabilities using Python and Flask.
  • Integrated Java and Python applications using an OAuth2.0 secured web service.
  • Configured a Raspberry Pi and TV as a media player for the reception area of BizSpace, the co-working space Ion operates from.
  • Updated the Ion website

She developed and demonstrated skills in Java and Python programming, debugging, problem solving, software design, unit and integration testing, API documentation and developer documentation. Libby worked in the Ion office as well as remotely.


Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences, double major in Software Development and Computer Science from the Auckland University of Technology (Graduating end of 2021)

Programming Languages

  • Java
  • Python


  • Jetty
  • Maven
  • Postman